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VAT Returns for business in Wakefield Affordable Accountancy Services

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VAT Returns

Are your Sales more than £85,000 a year?  If so you will need to register for VAT – whether you’re a sole trader or run any kind of business.

This also means you will need to file a whole new set of returns – and charge VAT on your invoices. If that all sounds a little scary, don’t worry – millions of people are in your shoes!

Registering for VAT means you’re keeping your business within HMRC’s legal expectations. 

Once registered, you usually have to submit your HMRC VAT return every quarter.  However in certain circumstances HMRC can give you the option to register for monthly or annual payments.

So If you have reached that £85,000 threshold, congratulations! It’s a moment to celebrate, it’s also a moment where reaching out for help makes sense too.

We can also discuss different VAT options with you and give you advice on Flat Rate VAT, as this may be a better way for you to be registered.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VAT Returns

Can I register for VAT voluntarily?

Yes – and there could be benefits too for certain companies. If you register for VAT before reaching the £85,000 threshold, you can still claim VAT back on business expenses.

Can I claim VAT back?

Yes – if you’re VAT registered (even voluntarily), you can claim VAT back on expenses incurred through your business. Let us help you unlock these savings!

What is flat rate VAT?

The flat rate VAT scheme is a simplified way to pay VAT incurred by your business each year. Under this scheme, you may be able to save money on tax due. Why not call us and find out more?


My business has a high turnover - will you be able to help me?

Absolutely! We’re thrilled to help local business owners at all different stages of their careers – we typically support SMEs, sole traders, contractors and sub-contractors – but we’ll welcome enquiries from anyone outside these categories.

Do I need to Register for VAT in the UK?

Any business, including individuals operating as sole traders that bring in an annual turnover of over £85,000, has to register for VAT with the HMRC. You can do this yourself by registering your business online or can allow your accountants to do it on your behalf.
Once registered, you usually have to submit your HMRC VAT return on a quarterly basis. However, HRMC gives you the option to register for monthly or annual payments.

Paying VAT Online using the MTD Initiative

The government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative launched on April 1 2019 and since then, many businesses that are VAT registered and bring in over £85,000 annually now use the initiative to submit their VAT returns.

Using MTD is easy enough, but it requires you to use compatible software. The UK government offers a list of approved software you can use, while we’re free to answer questions or give you advice on which software will best suit you and your business.
At Affordable Accounting Solutions, we can help you decide whether you need to be VAT registered, help you with the required paperwork, and explore the different VAT schemes you are eligible for.

On top of that, we can prepare your VAT returns, whether this is directly from your own bookkeeping or from us handling your bookkeeping and your VAT returns. Remember, if you’re late at registering for VAT, filing your VAT returns, or making VAT payments, you could land a financial penalty.

To ensure this never happens, let us take care of your VAT affairs.

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