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When you and a business partner strike upon that fantastic first idea, it’s a wonderful moment.  In fact, there are lots of benefits to running a partnership.

If you’re thinking of starting a partnership, you’ll benefit from:

Of course, you may not always benefit from setting up as a partnership – so, we can give you the best advice.

We can handle all your tax submissions all you have to do is provide us with your invoices, receipts, and bank statements.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Partnerships

Who officially ‘owns’ the business in a partnership?

Whether it’s two or more partners, everyone registered under your partnership is responsible for the business.  That means you are all responsible for profits, losses, expenses and all other liabilities.

How are partnerships taxed?

Each partner in your business has to pay tax on their individual share.  This is shared between all partners on board, who then need to pay standard self-assessment tax.

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Straightforward advice so you'll understand your accounts like never before.

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AAS is a safe haven for your business. In good times and bad, you have us in your corner.

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Whether you're a Limited Company or Sole Trader, you'll never have an unexpected bill from us.

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We Make Accounting Simple

What sets us apart from other accountancy firms is our approach. We never ignore calls, get scared by piles of receipts, or worry if you have missed a deadline, in fact, we love a challenge.

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